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Christmas Spirits

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Joyeux Noël! And for those that don't speak French, Merry Christmas! Today I am sharing such a fun post I put together with the French Ministry of Agriculture to celebrate the winter season. Since we all know how much I love parties (and France), I thought having a Christmas Spirits party with my girlfriends would be an absolute blast! Get it...Christmas sprits. Ha! So proud of myself on that little piece of the party. Since this happy hour type party focused mainly on the wine, I went ahead and focused mostly on that portion. Of course, I set the table with sweet and whimsical place settings, but I really let the cheeseboard and the yummy wines speak for themselves. 

For this beautiful cheeseboard, I paired 3 different types of Ile de France cheeses: Saint Andre, Saint Agur Blue Cheese, and Ile de France Goat Cheese. When I studied abroad in college, I was introduced to a world full of delicious cheese. Goat cheese instantly became my favorite, but blue cheese was a strong runner up. The best thing about a cheese board, you can really try and pair the cheeses with anything your heart desires. I went ahead and covered some basics to any cheese board, like the crackers. I love these petit toasts (they actually look like real toast!) and pretzel chips. I found the saltiness of the pretzel chips pairs beautifully with all three of the cheeses. I also added some meats for those who like cheese with some meat on the side. My personal favorite pairing was the Saint Andre cheese paired with a little blackberry preserve on a pretzel chip. Y'all, heaven in one bite! The awesome thing about the Saint Andre and the Goat Cheese is they are very versatile and taste divine with a little fruit jam. Now for those like me, the blue cheese was truly a surprising flavor. Normal blue cheese is very crumbly and not smooth at all, but Saint Agur really is the smoothest and most delicious blue cheese I've ever had. It paired absolutely lovely on a pretzel chip or a little toast. Another good thing about it is, if there is left over blue cheese, just toss it in a salad for lunch the next day! If I could recommend any cheeses for your holiday party, I most certainly would suggest these 3. They paired and worked really well together and made my friends and I very happy ladies. 

Ahh the wines. The best part of any Christmas Spirits party if you ask my guests. My goal at any party I host is to offer my guests options when it comes to their wine selections. I like to proved 4 options: 2 reds and 2 whites. For this party I served Georges Duboeuf red and white. Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais-Villages wine was a hit with the red wine fans and even the white wine fans in the crowd. I was pleasantly surprised at the lightness of this red and throughly enjoyed the flavors I tasted. I'm not a highly trained wine connoisseur, but I do know when I like a wine or not. I normally dislike reds, but the Beaujolais-Villages really impressed me. I would actually consider having it at dinner sometime. Now, the Georges Duboeuf Pouilly-Fuissé was the winner to me between the two. I love fruity notes in my wines and this one really hit the mark for me. It paired perfectly with the cheeses from the board and also tasted delish on it's own. I personally paired it mostly with bites of the baked brie I whipped up. The smooth and buttery texture made this white so enjoyable to drink. Yummy doesn't do justice for the pairing of the two. 

The other 2 crowd pleasing wines I served at my party was Légende rouge and blanc. Just saying the french words for red and white instantly makes any party more fun. The Légende Rouge was an instant hit amongst my friends. The boldness of the wine made you feel like you were sitting in a vineyard somewhere in France. This particular wine I felt went pretty good with the blue cheese. The boldness of the two played well together and truly made for a spectacular pairing. On the other hand, you have my favorite the Légende Blanc. Since I tend to lean toward a white wine already, I knew I had to try this one. And my instincts were right. This white wine is smooth and heavenly.

The Christmas Spirits party wouldnt be complete without a little baked brie am I right? I love baked brie and I knew the perfect little recipe to use for this party. I used the  Ile de France Brie, a little bit of honey, and some honey roasted almonds. Baked it for about 5 minutes to get the flavors to mingle and Voilà! You have a delightful cheese that really impresses people with your cooking skills. Seriously the Brie is obviously the star, but the honey really amps up the flavor and takes it to a whole new level. I highly recommend this at your next party! 

If you have a holiday party or any kind of gathering during the winter, I say make it a wine and cheese party! It's a super easy way to enjoy time with your friend and also have something new. Try these 4 cheeses and wines and maybe venture out and make your own cheeseboard filled with whatever you think would go great together. The beauty of a party is you can take ideas and twist them to whatever you desire! Winner winner if you ask me! Are you planning a party this winter? If so let me know what you're planning. I'd love to hear! 

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