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5:14:00 AM

Long time no see! Wow life has been utterly crazy and very different since the last time I blogged. I just wanted to give a quick little update about what's going on behind the scenes and why I haven't been blogging these past couple months!

Good news #1...I started a new job!! I had been looking for months and months for something that really felt like a great fit for me and my career. I had a tough time, not going to lie, with constant rejection and the pressure I put on myself to hurry up and find something. The job I have now kind of fell into my life at the perfect time. My friend was actually in my position and was planning on moving back to her husband's hometown to run the family business. She asked if I was interested in possibly putting my name in the running and I jumped at the idea. The rest is history! I started in October and instantly fell in love with my coworkers, the office, and the company. I never thought I could wake up happy and ready to go to work, but with this job I cannot wait to get to work! I call that a MAJOR win.

Good news #2...Tyler started graduate school for his MBA! Grad school has been such a wonderful challenge for my sweet and extremely intelligent husband. He is going to UNC and thoroughly enjoying every minute of studying, classes, and the challenge of it all. I love watching him light up talking about what he is learning in school. Classes take up a lot of his time, so it's been a lot of soaking up the moments when he isn't in class or studying or working on a project or working. He's really making me want to go and get a masters!

So as you can see, we have had some major life happenings lately and things that have altered our normal. I am still healing slowly from my broken bones this summer and Tyler is still taking amazing care of me. I am hoping with the new year I get back into blogging now that I am adjusting and learning to get more balanced with work and home life. Blogging is such a joy to me so I very much look forward to diving back in and working on really beautiful new content! So stay tuned for what's next!

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